Cycle trail to Omarama

IMG_0935.JPGA big day today – Barbs first + 50 km day. A tough ride as the first section climbs over 300 Metres and the going is rough with lots of large rocks making for hard work on 700 x 35 c tyres on her bike



IMG_0934.JPGDawned fine and clear and lake Middleton provided some stunning reflections as the sun started to strike the hills



IMG_0941.JPGThe tracks climbs steadily until finally , after a few false summits , it reaches a high point at 900 metres. Some stunning view out over the MacKenzie basin. Barb found it pretty tough but she dug in – as she does.


IMG_0936.JPGIt was almost all downhill from the high point – fast and furious , very exhilarating ride. We did the 2 x 2km detour and lunched at an historic shearing sheds at a spot called Quailburn. True to form Barb stripped down to have a swim in an icicle fed steam — just above freezing my guess. I was happy to watch.
Overheard conversation over lunch
” How are you going Barb”
” OK but really tanked out ”
” how is your saddle comfort issue ? – you have not complained about it at all.”
” yes – because I don’t want you to Blog my bum !!”

The last part of the ride bombs down Quailburn road – mostly unsealed but a nice fast descent . A small detour at the SH takes you through some wetlands before finally arriving at Omarama.
Another great day.



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