Quartermasters Duties – Adelaide

Arrived in Adelaide on Sunday with 7 days to get all the equipment required for a 60 + day camping trip in Outback of northern Australia. Henrietta , our hilux canopy ute , has been waiting here in Adelaide , housed at the Kennedy residence in Hahndorf , Adelaide hills area. Marten and Sophia and their 3 kids have opened there home to me , a great place to stay while I have been methodically equipping Henrietta for the journey ahead.

She is starting to all come together – pots pans , solar panels , gen set , tents, all manner of outback goodies and spares for tyre repair and winching recovery. Meantime Barb has been swanning it in Sydney town close to Chris and her parents. She expects everything to be tickety-boo by Monday when she rejoins and signs on as first mate for our big Aussy adventure.

Have had an email request from Barb – she wants me to get my shit sorted. Nah – she didn’t say that 😊actually she wants me to acquire a “suitably private enclosure for matters requiring privacy “- so you have to read between the lines. She even sent a link of her preferred solution.


Night out to Hahndorf pub with Marten and Jamie _ got to meet and make friends with these two guys when we cycled the LeJog ( Lands End to John O’groats ) in 2012 .

Starting to load her up with food .


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