Henrietta Hits the Aussy outback — Day one

Escaping the NZ winter for sunny Australia is an appealing idea and it always comes as a small shock just how cold this side of the ditch can be. We departed Adelaide yesterday to begin our northward bound migration – every km north should get us closer to the winter El Dorado of the Northern Territory and the Kimberly in WA. But here in SA Temps here are something like 2-5 overnight and max as low as about 10 daytime – often higher but sometimes really cold.
For now though it is simply freezing camping . Our first night under canvas last night was OK for me , But Barb is struggling to get warm.





  1. Looks sweet dude. Cold but theres something special about the still clear days you get out in the desert in winter. Just layer on every bit of clothing you have and turn into the michelin man (and woman). What you sleeping on?

    • Yeah – the days are fine so helps make the cold nights bearable . Picked up 2 Exped brand 100 mm sleeping mats and they are just great and pack up reasonably compactly. Exped make good product. The Kogan TV / DVD failed guessing not made for this type of travel. Getting a stone chip filled here in Alice before we head into the Tanami to halls creek. Gave the long range 140 Litre a good test – will run something just over 1100 km – showed empty and red light for last 30 km – refilled in Alice 122 litres do guessing we can run her right down but still have up to 18 litres sloping around in bottom – not sure about pickup. Looks like we are running at about 11 litres to the 100km.
      Having a ball – thanks for your great site – your VSR simple option for the electrics has been a good practical solution – more fail safe I think.

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