I.S. Issue in the outback

I.S. struggle in the outback

Has been an interesting week of testing Henrietta and all her bits , the solar charging system , new coffee Cappuccino maker , fridge , Telly , OZtent 30 second tent , cookers, led lighting and SO FAR we have enjoyed success and had only One EPIC FAIL
Looks plenty big but simply fails to keep us in sleep mode. Let me explain using the I.S analogy. I am like the I — I lie flat and straight , turn side to side etc. Barbs is the “S” – after our usual little “spooning cuddle ” that normally ushers us into blissful sleep she assumes the shape of the letter S. This presents no problem in a decent sized bed but in the double sleeping bag my marginalized slot pushes me hard up against the zipper and into a wakeful state. Neither of us sleeps well then.

Problem fixed – we found this Aboriginal in Wilpena Pound and purchased another single bag for me and now Barb has the double all to herself – so cold that she can roll herself up like a big cigar and get plenty warm enough.


One comment

  1. Sounds like everything else in your setup is working well. I have the same problem with my wife. We have separate sleeping bags but I still end up hard up against the side of the tent, with a foot wedged into my kidneys or something.

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