Dirty work — Oodnadatta Track

IMG_1456.JPGHenrietta has had her first introductions to the “real outback” with the corrugations , ruts, washouts and mud detours of the recently closed roads of the Oodnadatta and the Painted Desert. Long straights , seemingly limitless horizons, dust dirt and mad max like crazies driving 4×4′ s at silly speeds. All in a day’s work. Dust begins to permeate some areas in the rear canopy – but no probs – we have a vacuum cleaner and our Yamaha gen set when needed – I just need to teach Barb how to do it πŸ˜‰



IMG_1448.JPGCamped at William Creek and also a spot in the middle of the “Pink Desert “. Woke to a cloudy overcast threatening day – unlike the fine days of the last week- and decided to get back to the bitumen again before another rainfall locked us in this arid spot.Just a drive west along the Painted desert and we rejoined the road to Alice. There are many remarkable animal migration phenomenon in this world of ours and here on the Stuart highway we joined the ” great grey nomad migration” lots of caravans , Ma and Pa ensembles , once flowers now dried arrangements , heading for warmer climes of the NT and WA.

Oodnadatta – a real dump – but mad max would love it


Rockets at William Creek – handover from the days the Aussies let the Poms and yanks test rockets from Woomera .


Close to the Arckaringa Hills in the Pink Desert
I look over at Barb and with a smile say ” you are driving well Darl ”
She replies , ” this roads dead straight — “just need to point Henrietta dead ahead click cruise and hang on”
We crossed the Border into the NT at 1pm a mere 280 km to Alice springs — ETA before dusk and warmer days ahead 😜

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