Alice Springs , checking out the birds and sorting out Henrietta’s box

Have camped three nights on the outskirts of Alice Springs , checking out the town and refining systems , buying more food and getting ready for a desert journey — the Tanami Crossing. This route takes us over 1000 Kms into fairly remote country with very limited options , just rough desert camping . We set out on Saturday – destination Halls Creek then on up to Broome the old Pearl diving town on the Indian Ocean.





DSC_3302.JPGBarb and I have begun a crash course in Aussy bird identification A have a good book and a wonderful app that includes clips of the bird songs for each species. The Galah’s are numerous and incredibly noisy at our camp – they visit in the evening.

Black footed rock Wallaby’s spotted at Simpsons Gap



Spend the arvo exploring Standley Chasm – a little walk into this spectacular spot – in the wright light conditions they get some incredible photos from here.And in case you were wondering this is a night shot of Henrietta’s box. Was an important job today to find her a suitable box and to secure it in this spot right over her tailgate. Has lots of spares and ” stuff” desert nomads may require from time to time.


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