Tanami Track – 1100 km with the ” queen of the desert”

The Tamami Track is road that tracks thru Australia’s 3rd largest desert – starts just north of Alice Springs and heads northwest crossing the border into west Australia. A pretty remote route as have found with very little traffic. A journey of just over 1000 km – long straight roads with significant corrugations that make travel bone jarringly challenging . Has been something of a learning curve as one needs to discover the perfect speed to traverse the corrugations problem. Going too slow is much worse than actually powering on and attempting to find the speed at which Henrietta would fly over the bumps. Eventually we settled on the strategy of setting Cruise control at about 75 – 80 kms and concentration on the best line. Very little traffic here , only see a few vehicles each day.


IMG_1468.JPGWe camped two nights in bush camps off the road – free camps – great camp fires. Had to contend with an electrical storm on the first night that was a little scary and came with some rain.

The scenery has been varied – some areas with lots of termite mounds. The sun streamed into Henrietta’s cab – SH winter sun so welcome as it warms pleasantly without the normal ” burn” . We share the driving and Henrietta is just loving the journey.


IMG_1471.JPGI have been advertising myself to Barb as the perfect alpha male — she gets a great camp fire every night ,I take particular pride in this activity. We have set up a special hot water shower at camp tonight – another addition to our kit and a fully functioning clothes line .She was a happy girl after her shower . And she gets a quality flat white with frothed milk every morning !Topped it all off with this special throne for my queen of the desert. She can now sit in style πŸ˜€ no unnecessary pelvic floor exercises now required. No need for the privacy enclosure here , we are completely alone, about as far from other civilized society as it is possible to get .

Every km in our direction ( NW) is taking us into warmer climes. The freezing temps of south Australia are now slowly being replaced with warmer day and nighttime temps. This is just exactly what we have been seeking.

The Throne πŸ˜‰

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