Coffee – keeping “she who must be obeyed ” happy

Expressing ourselves – the daily ritual. Life on the Gibb River road

We have taken our morning coffee to a new , even more illustrious level with the purchase of a neat little sunbeam coffee grinder and the purchase of a big 1 kg bag of the very finest quality beans from Kununurra . We need to run the generator to do the grind but it only takes a moment of two . Have been refining the use of our cappuccino maker – and the results get better with experience – note the lovely cremma
Topping it off with the little cinnamon sprinkle – we now think we have the best coffee ever – nothing beats freshly ground
Barbs I’ve just had my “fix” look 😉










    • Cool bit of kit Joe – heading to cape Leveque now , Henrietta is working well , so few tenters – most towing trailers as you will know , but for what ?? Think the tent and good fit out just right – using 10.4 l to 100km
      Life’s sweet 😉

      • Yeah that’s awesome man. Glad you’re appreciating your tenting setup same as me. You ask “for what?” The answer is beyond the scope of these comments and requires many beers worth of discussion. Cape Leveque will be sweet. Enjoy. When you get to Broome wave at the Broomecam webcam. I check that out every now and then when I’m stuck in my cubicle, to help ease the depression.

      • Yes Joe – would take more than a few beers to get to the bottom of ” for what ” saw this fancy 2 man swag today – had stretcher type legs and packed up bigger than our oztent – strange – Banjo Patterson would roll in his grave at the absurdity of stuff people think they need in the great au outdoors.

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