Henrietta does the Gibb!

Gibb River Road – Land of the Boab tree.
This road has something of a reputation – supposed to be really tough 4×4 country . Opens up in the dry season and hundreds of 4×4’s for all over Australia descend on it. – but right now it remains in excellent order – set the cruise at 80 km and easy peasy. This Ford over the Pentecost River is one of the last to ” open ” after the wet – but again very simple crossing – just got to avoid the salt water crocs that wait for slow motorists.




IMG_1513.JPGThis Little ford over the Hann River gave us a chance to give Henrietta a bottom wash – trying to emulate Outbackjoes cool blog pic – another hilux friend of mineWe are now into our forth week under canvas and perfecting our systems for setting up and striking camp efficiently. Tenting life is working well here in this warm clime , every day is fine and very sunny. The night temperatures drop back and ensure great sleeping conditions. The raucous Australian birdlife starts up cacophonous racket just before dawn but it matters little as we have been getting a good nine or even ten horizontal hours. The advantage of traveling into this unique corner of AU for a winter explore are many. To list a few
— low humidity ,day times are hot but not sticky
— constant never ending sunshine that is tolerable to be exposed to as it is still lower angled winter sun
— lovely campfires every night with abundant free wood everywhere
—- some of the clearest night sky’s you will ever see
—– it’s probably raining at home



Photo above the ford into El Questro

IMG_1538.JPGStayed a night at Drysdale River Station , this is the road that takes you out to the Mitchell falls. The falls have been reduced to a relative trickle following a small wet season. That fact and the very poor state of the road – bone jarring vehicle wrecking corrugations for 59 km. with a further 150 km of the same in the offing — hence we electing to take a 2 hour scenic flight ( fixed wing ) that took us way out into thru the Prince Regent National park , including flying over Kings cascade falls, trafalgar island , and back via the Mitchell falls. Spectacular.


DSC_3578.JPGExtolling the virtues of “Exped — camp base mattresses ” these are the real deal in ensuring an excellent nights sleep . The OZ tent RV4 — is proving its worth too. We are mostly seeing Aussies towing ruggederdised trailers here on the Gibb – not many with just tents. We are not at all envious – the simple camping plus much better fuel economy suits us well and we carry all the stuff we need efficiently.

Pics of Manning Gorge – a popular spot as it has a nice swimming hole at the camping spot and a good morning walk of about an hour takes you up to this wonderful waterhole , Gorge , waterfall. Barb takes after her father and has been relishing every opportunity for a nice long swim.





Barbs swimming at Emma Falls


  1. Not that I usually toot my own horn, but my pic is better than yours! I’ve heard lots of stories of people braking stuff on the Gibb River Road. I think due to corrugations rather than from hard core off road. I aint never done it but it’s a track I’m looking forward to doing. Prince Reagent National Park is incredibly remote. No roads, only accessible by sea or air. Or on foot. I’ve always dreamt of exploring it since Bush Tucker Man first introduced me to it. I’m sure the plane ride was freakin awesome. Awesome remote country and no other souls for hundreds of km.

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