Beautiful in an Australian sort of way

Barb has been enjoying proudly showcasing some of the great sights to be seen in AU , and when I want to tease her I will say , ” yes it’s beautiful — in an Australian sort of way ” She always rises to the bait 😉

The Kimberly region is mostly famous for the very attractive Gorges with wonderful swimming holes. The oxide red rocks , some of the oldest in the world catch the sun for some great scenes. The winter climate is predictably fine clear and dry , so camping is very straight forward . Little wonder that it has become so popular with the Grey Nomad hoards escaping the frigid southern regions of AU. It is now , arguably becoming a victim of its own success as the sheer volume of tourist traffic is putting pressure on the available resources which become crowded. Such a big country that some otherwise fairly average attractions get a lot of tourist traffic simply because they are there in the middle of the huge expanse.








Swimming in Bell Gorge





IMG_1562.JPGWe travel in style with three potential tent options. We decided to pitch our ” Bug Tent ” to see what it looks like. Purchased online from the U.S. I think it will be very useful from time to time when we get into serious Aussy fly country.
We also have a spare 2 man tent for emergencies .

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