Glamping at Kooljaman resort – tip of Cape Leveque

Most of the road up has been pretty good , even some good sealed sections , but the minor roads into the ” spots ” are great sandy sections of driving , drop the tyre pressures and enjoy. Complained to Barb that so far I have not seen a single bona Fifa didgeridoo player out here , and cape Leveque boasts some progressive entrepreneurial Aboriginal communities . Interestingly they appear to my eye as not half as ugly as some of the other Aboriginal folk we have seen. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say , but when you run into some of the real uglies I wonder what they make of us folk – probably think we are as ugly as sin 😜

IMG_1620.JPGAfter three nights at Middle a Lagoon we headed up to the Tip of Cape Leveque to an aboriginal owned and operated “resort” called Kooljaman . Doesn’t have a pool but with some of the best white sandy beaches in Australia and magnificent scenery surrounding the coast this place will linger in the memory a while








Will try my hand at fishing tomorrow – supposed to be great up here but I suspect the fish will not be too worried when they hear I have arrived 😨


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