Going Commando — Daly Waters –NT



IMG_1683.JPGDaly Waters is an historic pub with a long and interesting history. It is adorned inside with all sorts of mementos is from travelers who have visited. I first visited way back in about 2005 and was amused by the huge collection of panties and bras and other items of personal apparel that grace the walls. In the true tradition the NT pubs that each have unique memorable features. The number of underwear left here must have launched scores of lucky people about to realize the wonderful advantages of ” GOING COMMANDO ”

Crazy ??? Really ? — consider the facts – the wearing of underwear is a very modern phenomenon that has only been with humankind for an incredibly short time. While wearing lots of clothes is very sensible for cool conditions and winter time , summer time is another story. Our slavish desire to confirm to societal norms has us all wearing all sorts of odd – sometimes uncomfortable clothing. The female of our species has had to conform with all sorts of strange undergarments, hooped dresses , petticoats etc etc. Modern times have provided liberation from really awkward uncomfortable clothing but an argument can be made that we still have some way to go.

Well for those of you who know me really well it will be no surprise to know , going commando ” is my normal modus operandi . A pair of beach shorts and my favorite T shirts are my clothes of choice. When the summer gets really hot I like to use a pacific Lavalava which is the ultimate freedom comfort and coolness😉 and for formal occasions I favour a kilt

IMG_1681.JPGI suggested to Barb that she might consider leaving some knickers here and going commando but this idea fell on deaf ears. As a regular stickler for societal conventions this response was entirely in character 😉. She did however leave a little bit of hers at Daly Waters. She spotted this USA MARINE CORP number plate that had dropped off a U.S. Army vehicle up near Victoria River where the yanks have been practicing with the Aussies.


IMG_1685.JPGHad a great two days with Kerikeri honey shop long time friends Kerry and Abbie. staying at the Bitter Springs in Mataranka.
Daly water had music every night !

And considering going Commando ?? Read on – some stuff off the superhighway
To commando or not to commando?

That is the question Shakespeare should have asked, for it would have saved women’s magazines years upon years of anguish and debate over whether or not we should suffocate our lady bits in strangling contraptions better known as “underwear” or if we should just let them be.

There are common misconceptions about going commando. Some see it as bad for your sexual health.

Some see it as an indication you’re promiscuous. And others see it as a weird publicity stunt to gasp at (see: Britney Spears, circa 2010).

But, at the end of the day, going commando is not nearly as big of a deal as we all think it is, mainly because you don’t really have to tell a single person you’re doing it. In fact, more women should embrace it.

Here’s why.

1. It’s comfortable.

The number one reason you should go commando is that it’s, honestly, really comfortable.

It’s just you, your vagina and your pants getting to know each other better, hanging out like old friends, sipping glasses of wine.

2. There are no links between going commando and contracting infections.

It might feel like your bare vagina rubbing right up against the inside of your pants would create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, but that idea has long been debunked.

Dr. Gillian Dean, Planned Parenthood New York City’s associate medical director of clinical research and training, told The Village Voice there’s no scientific research suggesting a direct correlation between going commando and contracting infections like bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections.

3. Going commando can actually help prevent infections.

If you have lots of itching and irritation down there, gynecologists actually recommend you skip wearing underwear.

On her blog, gynecologist “Dr. Kate” has found doing so really will decrease those feelings of discomfort. If you can’t find it in you to ditch underwear during the day, try doing it at night.

Vaginas are already moist and hairy, so adding a layer of suffocation (in the form of underwear) can actually make things worse.

Dr. Alyssa Dweck, M.D., told Shape magazine if your vagina is constantly covered, more moisture collects down there, which cultivates an ideal environment for yeast growth.

And since the risk of yeast infections among humans has actually been increasing, it might be a good idea to start going commando ASAP.

4. No VPL

We’ve all seen the phenomenon: A woman in tight, light-colored pants who forgets her purple granny panties are visible through her ass — in color, shape and outline — to the whole world.

Could someone really be that unaware? There’s nothing more embarrassing than that dreaded VPL (Visible Panty Line), but when you go commando, you’ll never, ever have to worry about it.

Exercise caution, though: You aren’t safe from camel toes.

5. No wedgies

Ever find yourself digging out a wedgie deeper than you’d dig for gold? Going commando means never again having to sneak away from a social situation to claw around inside your butt.

If that right there isn’t enough of a reason, I don’t know what is.


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