A Doctor in the house — still only 23 😊

Go back to December 2010 we shared this moment with Sammi as she got the news that she had made the cut and received an acceptance letter into Auckland med school . Her first year at uni ( qualifying year ) had been the toughest ever year as so many kids — about 1000 all competing for about 250 places available annually

A champagne moment — home in Kerikeri

Fast forward to November 2015 – and here we are again in celebratory mode , cracking open some more fine champagne to celebrate the milestone moment of graduation. Hasn’t she all grown up now πŸ˜‰Sammi begins work at middlemore hospital next week – like been thrown in at the deep end !
Barbs parents flew in from Sydney to be here for the occasion and we have had some great family time over the last couple of days





Very proud of our girl — still only 23 but what a journey . She has incredible perseverance and dedication to whatever goals she sets for herself. Well done kid 😘

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  1. Congratulations to Sammi, hard work reaps reward, all the best now in the deep end. Thankful for people like you in helping people in most critical need. Congratulations to the proud parents, Barb and Bruce and grandparents. Cheers.

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