Flying Camera — first flight of my Phantom 3 Professional Drone


I have had a long time love of taking lots of nice photos and blogging about our little travel adventures but here we are in 2015 and time to move forward with the times and start to play with video. Have been putting it in the too hard basket for far too long . My younger nephew Duncan started me off on this track with his purchase and passion for the Phantom 1. I visited him in Sydney earlier this year and watched him fly with a little envy.
The technology Is moving forward in leaps and bounds and now we have this sophisticated device with lots of safety features that have put Aerial movie creation into the hand of regular folk.
The camera is an awesome Sony f/2.8 lens , 12.4 Mpixel 4K capable of shooting high quality vid in full HD.
Downloaded the iMovie app for the iPad and here is my first quick attempt at creation of t short vid.

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