Henrietta gets new shoes , and off to check out Kangaroo Island for a spot of summer camping

Arrived in Adelaide on Sunday to check out our Henrietta who has been patiently waiting for our arrival. Had to break it to her that we can only give her about two weeks of travel but promised her new shoes .

We are going to check out this island ( Australia’s third largest island ) so called by the locals KI — ( kangaroo island)


IMG_1902.JPGHenrietta is keen on taking us on some big Aussy desert crossings this coming winter ( may – June – July but we needed to upgrade the wheels and tyres. The original factory 15″ wheelset — so called cheescutters were never going to foot it in the sand country we aspire to trespass over. The original owner had given us another 4 mud type tyres on 16″ rims. — ran them but the noise on the bitumen was unpleasant.
Did some homework on the net — even asked my hilux guru friend ” Outbackjoe ” for his thoughts. He advised 16″ and a good AT type pattern. The market is spoiled for choice and I could have get better but in the end the budget talked loudest. Picked up some Yokahama Geolanders AT . They do a good price and buy 3 and get the 4 th free.

Stayed overnight with relatives ,Alison and Ross Weymouth who live in a house with amazing views down over Victor Harbour and Encounter Bay. Had only planned a quick visit and lunch but ended up accepting their kind invitation to stay for the night.



We enjoyed a nice bike ride this morning around the foreshore of Victor Harbour as far as horseshoe bay and return. Managed to borrow a bike from our Hahndorf friends for Barb.


IMG_1905.JPGThe 45 minute crossing to KI has quite a reputation for people chucking. Can get very rough and the ferry clearly rolls like a bitch. I was hungry and decided about half way over that it was ok for a meat pie — and It stayed down 😋

IMG_1907-0.JPGOur first campsite is set up at Emu Bay — some rather odd locals hereabouts and the camp is some distance from the beach. It is extremely dry and locals warn of flies in plague proportions in some parts of the island when it is hot. We are due for hot days. Decided to erect our ” fly retreat Guzimbo ” — those little Aussy bastards will find it difficult overwhelming us.


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  1. Nice new heels Henrietta…or at least ‘sand shoes’ for where your headed this winter. It appears you have much warmer weather then we did in April, which might be nice for swimming. It might be too early for those amazing KI figs to be ripe and available at the markets, but the preserved ones are well worth the treat. The gin distillery makes a good local brew using samfire and other local natives rather then the usual juniper berries. I am still trying to conserve the bottle I bought which has been pulled out on a number of worthy sunsets around the west coast. Received your email and will reply- hope we might get to see you in Sydney before you fly.

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