South Island — on the road again

We plan to spend the next couple of months exploring the top end of the South Island . Crossed the strait on Monday and have settled into a nice spot close to Blenheim — a DOC camp on the beach at a place called Rarangi. Been a laugh — the old lady who is a volunteer warden for DOC is a real rotti type. She barely sleeps as she is in a constant battle of wits with light campers who are reluctant to pay the fee. Lots of young foreign tourists on stretched budgets ensure she has a job on her hands. Some sneak in real late and hope to have a shower and a free night before hitting the road early . She has their measure and her imposing craggy face as she taps on the car window with her demand for money is hilarious to watch. The DOC admin must love her for the the missed revenue she gets , but probably have to handle complaints from others about the way she delivers justice. 



Today was Barbs birthday so we headed into Blenheim with our bikes , had a nice coffee then cycled up the Taylor River , a nice easy but very scenic trip. 

A special night tonight — managed to talk Barb into a Brazilian – restaurant that is 😉 Came highly recommemnded and proved a great choice.


  1. Hilarious! Britt and Fredrik are going to be backpacking South Island later this month…of course I don’t think they fit the sneaky types – but I will warn them nevertheless of the Craggy faced one. They might turn up for the entertainment value of it. Happy Birthday Barb!
    Nice photo angles from the drone Bruce. We are in Perth now, covered the $4K+ klms from Ballina in just 5 days. It was good to be back out on the road for the week. we are staying in a swish little apartment in the hipster end of town for the next month while we look for something more permanent. Its been 40+ degrees four days in a row. NZ looks so cool. Rx

  2. Nice to see you guys back on the road. Not sure how you coped with the hot weather while in Australia before christmas. Always interested in your adventures and amazing photos. I just wish I could get back over there again soon.

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