Japan on two wheel and a quarter wheels 

No turning back now — onboard NZ 99 bound for Narita , and on to Fukuoka. The devastating earthquake a few days ago in Kyushu threw my plans into disarray. My route tracked within about 20 km of the epicentre. Had a tough call to make and have decided to change my start point from Kagoshima to Fukuoka. Didn’t fancy being a ghoulish disaster tourist !   

 Narita — had a great flight and a cheap hotel close to Narita and my next flight today to Fukuoka.

This really cool residence was close to my hotel. Must have a full time gardener ? 


 Decided to see how I am going to manage the coffee addiction whilst in Japan. The ever present vending machines have some interesting options. Not badly priced at just over $ 2 nz$ for a small can , about 100 ml my guess.settled for the Georgia Black ( no milk and zero kcal so the can proclaims ) 

 And the verdict ? 

Well it is cold black coffee – think I can manage with this – still hits the spot 👌😊


    • The coffee will be interesting Cathy — have not seen a proper cafe machine in the hotel and went for a walk up to check out the fancy Hilton hotel — again no coffee machine “as we know it ”
      Good to hear from u 😊

  1. Fantastic Bruce that your Japan adventure has begun. It will be awesome. It’s a place of such stunning beauty and cultural insights. I think it will be hard for you to decide which photographs to share on this blog because you will have so many great shots!! Keep safe on the roads. Enjoy 🙂

  2. Hahahahaha…. Love it, Dad! Already feeling nostalgic reading your first blog post. You’re going to have the best trip. Rest up well, love you. xx

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