2 and a quarter wheels 

Landed at Fukuoka airport and spent a good hour or more meticulously reassembling all the bits of the bike and trailer. Found a quiet corner of the airport for the job. All came together with no problems or extra parts. Kind workers nearby happily took all the cardboard boxes away. Had an address for a family who are members of ” warm showers ” group – likeminded folk who cycle distance and offer hoisting to fellow cyclists. Noriaki and his wife Etsuko and daughter Ririko hosted me with huge generosity and kindness . On leaving I packed away a big stack of snacks and a nicely gift wrapped ” bento box ” ( lunch ) made that morning by Etsuko. Was sad to say goodby. 

 This is the real McCoy Japanese dining experience , lovely food.


 On the road before 8 and into incredibly heavy traffic and multiple sets of lights for the next 70 kms. Not particularly nice riding but interesting nevertheless. 

Sharlene’s happy enough with her role of keeping an eye out for trucks but she’s been bitching about the flag – she wanted to fly the AU version😉


  1. In my experiences people are very kind and generous to travelers. Fantastic that you had a lovely evening with a host family !! It’s such a delight to have those special insights into family life. on, on, happy to hear that Sharlene is earning her keep!

    • Of course you are right Cathy , but this bird has no fear , even when I have been on the very limits of my ” acceptable risk ” riding style . Looking forward to her arrival here 😊
      A real nice walk yesterday – looked like fun

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