Amazing one day ride in Japan , Shimanami Kaido 

Often one thinks of Japan as having three main island , Kyuhu , Honshu and Hokkiado , but there is another significant sized island across the inland sea from Honshu , called Shikoku province. Japan had developed an amazing one day ride of about 70 kms that island hops across by way of these HUGE suspension bridges. 

Camped for the night at this quiet park at the end of bridge one . By chance we had a few other international cyclists camped there , some French , English and 2 Aussy girls. Fantastic free facilities , great cooking area and huge ablutions block.

Japanese cyclists are very justifiably proud of this special cycle way that makes it possible to cycle from Honshu to the 4 th island in Japan , Shikoku. The route bunny hops from island to island over a series of huge suspension bridges. Designated cycle path ways have been built ( huge expense I guess ) so it is safe . At each bridge end and or approach special pathways have been set up to get up to the deck level — up to 70 metres above sea level. 

Had a great ride , near perfect weather and was “unforgettable” in a word.


      • The culture you would find fascinating Andy – unlike the Chinese these Japanese people are pretty quiet , reserved , apologetic and never in your face. Have been thinking about you’re insights from your book and appreciating that this culture is totally dissimilar .
        The bike is perfect — upper body comfort is really excellent

      • Nice one Bruce. Glad its all going well. Interesting > I know nothing about Japan apart from the negative stuff we read in the news. Indeed it sounds quite the opposite. How’s the weather?

      • Ha ha ha > So true but also the dust from Mongolia does tend to send a lot of yellow dust over your way at times. Mainly China though LOL. Its been quite clear here for a few months now though. Good luck mate and safe journeys Bruce

  1. You are very lucky because of good weather. I have not yet been this good place so I would like to visit there with my bike. Unfortunately weather forecast says it will be rainy from today to tomorrow.

    • Yes Shinji – I am having a rest day here in Imabari to give my legs a small holiday . I was lucky to have such a nice day. Thanks for you message – I hope you come here one day too😊

  2. Loved the pics Bruce. I never got to do this bridge ride but many of my friends did. Happy to read that your bike set up is really comfortable, you can be very pleased !!! Long way to go and lots of exciting adventures ahead. Keep safe 🙂

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