Dodging weather bombs — the road to Tsuruga on the western coast 

Had a window to move with more wet weather due but later in the day. A 6am start form Otsu on the shores of Japan’s largest lake , Lago Biwa . Was a misty day as I sped along the shores of the lake , assisted by a gentle tail breeze and smooth roads we moved at a nice pace. A misty – not quite rain – but enough to dampen me was the only neg , but a nice ride.

The number of signal controlled intersections eventually petered out and the average speed was pretty good. At about 65 kms began a big climb peaking at about 350 metres and then a plunging descent into the valley below and the coast at the small city of Tsuruga. The road was narrow in places and the number of trucks made this a bit scary. They have their fair share of aggressive truckies but none of them have truck and trailer fortunately .

Arrived at this small city of Tsuruga about midday which was a short day for the 90 odd kms

About twenty or so bronze statues – each perhaps four or five feet tall – of characters and scenes from the popular 1970s anime Uchū Senkan Yamato (Space Battleship Yamato or, in the United States, Star Blazers) and Galaxy Express 999 were erected in the city’s downtown area in 1999my Aussy friends I met cycling on Shikoku sent me this scary pic. Fi had an accident in one of the many tunnels , fortunately nothing is broken so it will not hold them up too long. They are going to cycle China too. 

The rains have started falling , but I am safe in a warm hotel , just enjoyed the free in house Onsen and now enjoying some great food 

Main course ” grilled noodles with seafood ” 

Great thing about a cycle tour in Japan – the foods amazing and you can eat as much as you like with the energy deficit of a long day in the saddle 


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