Niigata – 2 day run of about 265 km 

The snowy. Mountains were a great backdrop as I headed north from Toyama , sometimes the air has has hint coolness that comes down from the high country .

Taka has an older French style touring bike – which we compared for the Photo. My ” Bob ” trailer is brilliant – decided the bike needed a name so she has been officially Chrisened Din. Now ” Bob and Din ” 

The run north had a challenging section – about 10 kms that rune thru. A series of tunnel like tubes that had a scary number of trucks running the gauntlet with me 

Met this cool guy , had a long chat but he was not very communicative so I rode on. But I was speaking English .


The coast is heavily man modified , breakwaters, artificial reefs , tsunami barriers and erosion control . Billions or maybe trillions of cubic metres of concrete can be seen in these clever interlocking blocks – man controlling the forces of nature – for a while 


  1. Awesome pics Bruce, good to read that all is going smoothly.
    I loved the osens!!!
    As you know if you encounter lots of rain you can shelter in the onsen for many hours in comfort.
    Really admire your commitment to post pics – Japan is just stunning.
    Safe travels

    • Thanks Helen , yes so many great vistas that deserve a pic😊
      Been real happy with the bike set up to — nice comfy tent etc etc and think the rig will enable me to continue on with some unfinished business in AU

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