Coast north of Niigata pretty amazing riding 

Managed an early start ( read 5 am ) as I had a big day ahead. First mission for to extract myself from Niigata , catch it napping so I could move faster through the approx 100 odd sets of traffic signals . Ran a few which is very non Japanese thing to do . Voluntary compliance of the systems of traffic laws is astonishly high and the presence of police very low . They respond to emergencies , as do ambulance at conservative speeds , maybe within the speed limits. The retail sector normally does not open up till 10 am so early starts are the way to go.

Don’t ask me who this big guy is — haven’t a clue 

One of the big bridges on the nth Niigata city fringe

First major break was at about 45 km at a small city called  Murakami and I had a bit of an explore while waiting for the 9 am Post office opening . Sent a package home and also weighed up my bags. Turns out that Bob carries just on 20 kgs of my personal stuff – weighs 7 kgs too so 27 kg on road 

Found this interesting place that sells Salmon. I think the large dried salmon are put thru machines that turn them into shaving – I have a bag that was gifted to me from My friends in Osaka . I purchased some small fillet done in soy sauce and was delicious with dinner at my day’s end .

Not sure if these are Tsunami warnings or just take care of high seas. Thought I may have found the Japanese words for ” you are buggered ” but a check of these characters using a clever app called  YOMIWA – gave more general warning . You focus the iPad camera on the words and it tells you what possible meanings there are 

The coastal ride now turned into a series of amazing vistas around each headland . Had scores of tunnels so hardly a hill all day – just a couple  

Nice beaches , smooth roads , light traffic made this a gift of a ride. Even found this great lunch stop ” Salt Cafe ” on the water edge that served a great curry 

Still seeing Koinobori flying here and there 

So many great photo opportunities today – in the end I had to stop taking them – such a photogenic piece of the western coast 

Days end saw me arrive weary at this surf beach – some type of holiday town maybe . I found a little spot on the fringe , can you spot my green tent , and set up camp for the night . Forecast rain began falling after I hit the fart sack , but I can afford a smile 

1 I have a great tent – roomy for all my gear too

2 forecast to clear by dawn 😊🙄

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  1. Glad you liked that region. i was happy as hell to have ridden it, such a relief to be off the main roads. The last photo is of an onsen town , most of it was closed or cleaning up so I kept on riding , would have loved to try some of the onsens there.

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