Using the mini iPad for Navigation – one possible way to secure to ortlieb bar bag 

After deciding that I wanted to use the mini iPad the challenge was to come up with a simple effective solution to secure to the top of the bar bag in such a way that it was simple to take on and off and 100% secure.

This simple solution requires a bit of DIY mentality but has worked well , with no problems . Involves using the 2 lugs on the side of the Ortlieb handle bar bag and securing the iPad on top by means of 2 rubber elastic loops . ( above pic clearly shows in secure on top )

Step 1 – buy suitable protective case like this one – designed to allow iPad to sit on desk ( many types available )

2. Get a short piece of webbing belt material and with a needle and thread make a short loop at each end – just big enough to take the elastic loop

3. Glue the webbing between the plastic backing and the cover – this now limits its function for using on a table but no big deal. I used a construction adhesive 

4. Tie two elastic loops as shown 

The iPad stays 100% secure and comes on and off in seconds. 

Was possible to secure either on top ( as in pic) or under ortlieb pull over lid which was handy for light showers. On really wet days then I had to use another option . I had a ” sea to summit ” waterproof closure with clear plastic and used holes on closure to fit around bar bag – bit of a hassle. 

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