Day 1 of the 4 Rivers cycle trail — maybe the longest most expensive “purpose designed ” cycle way in the world 

Was an early start , needed to get across the city to the Han river and make my way to the start of this trail , a 52 km ride which turned into something longer after I took a detour on another cycle route by mistake . Even with a 5 am start I was impressed by the number of all ages Korean folk out exercising on the river. They have multiple exercise stations for static resistance exercise and clearly the population is truly into it.

The cycle trails near the river are well set up and I saw hundreds of cyclists today out on the trail , all dressed in fancy Lycra and riding some pretty nice bikes. All sorts , young but many older too. The bridges made for a spectacular ride .

The lovely bridge below , just for this particular cycle way , was part of my offpiste and pissed off detour. Actually not true , it was such a delight that I didn’t begrudge the extra 10 kms of my day . Had a coffee at this spot ( average ) and there discovered I had made this route error when I checked the iPad 

The map here was the official start point for the ride. You can buy a passport and get a special stamp at these waypoints along the way set up in red booths . I haven’t bothered – but apparently you can apply for a special medal if you get all the stamps. My Japanese host Takayuki had one , looked impressive . 

There are bike shops / shacks along the way and many places for drinks etc , and often you pass thru the edge of a town so many food options possible . I stopped and got a new mirror after smashing the original in Japan and also decided to mask up to look the part. The majority are fully masked , making us all look like Desperados on speed 

The place is full of spring flowers with lovely colours and Yes honey bees. Been missing them and had not seen any hives or bees in Japan. 

How’s this for a cool dam. Apparently inspired by some aviation vision , but at what cost. Some impressive structures here in Korea 

Well if you’ve got this far — congratulations , a long post for a longish spectacular day in the saddle. I have been sitting on this bench , too scared to erect the tent till dusk. Love this free camping stuff , and who wants to fork out 70,000 W for a bed. Dusk soon 😊

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  1. It’s nice to see planned green spaces in such densely populated areas. How sensible to create public spaces that encourage healthy activity. Returning to NZ might be challenging!

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