Day 2 – Yuoju to the spa town of Suanbo 

Was woken at about 4.45 by the sound of woman laughing and singing. They were the usual suspects , elderly folk up in the parks and doing some exercises . Wondered if I should ask them their secret for the good starts they have everyday so I could pass the tip on to Barbara the slumberer😉

They didn’t seem concerned with the strange guy and his odd biking and camping kit

Was on the road again by about 6 am and after about 15 kms I met this group of 3 Americans from Chicago , Adam , Mary and Adam . We stayed together for a few kms and I was happy to be speaking English again . The cycle way alongside the river here was superb quality  surface , better than our best at home 

Some spectacular bridges , a few small towns and some rich and

varied agricultural land.

Think one can rate this ride as pretty amazing scenery wise – a total surprise 

Check out my Route

I believe that Suanbo is famous for a place to eat pheasant – lots of these outside restaurants , most are low table on floor style dining that I have yet to find remotely comfortable – like squat toilets – you need to start as an infant 


  1. Wow the bike road looks super smooth. I think I may be put off by the low tables especially after cycling. I think cramp would be a major problem sitting on the floor to eat.

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