Day 3 ended at a place called Sangjuci 

The cycle trail does have some sections of shared road way , but very light traffic and almost no heavy vehicles to talk of. Today was a day for the hills and in the cool of the morning It was the perfect time to tackle them. On the descent of the first climb I noticed that my gears were playing up , didn’t have access to the bottom end of the block. Finally thought the issue thru and realised what had happened and stopped for ” the fix ” at the top of the second long ( about 5 km climb) 

You can see the route in the trees as it makes it way up to this vantage point – the top. Very sadly it was here that my longtime partner in adventure and I departed ways. Sharlene was , let’s say just a little insecure and didn’t stay with me on the descent . Very very sad – it was many kms before I realised this had occurred so retracing to find her was not a sensible option 

Moved thru a lot of interesting heavily cropped land , pip n stone , rice and who knows what . Lots of veges here I am unfamiliar with 

Some rather odd and perhaps rude art work seen enroute , but among other things he certainly has a happy smile 

The cyclists enroute now are the real tourers as opposed to day trippers and these Korean folk and very welcoming and like to have a chat if they can. I have been given some treats , energy bars ec along the way . Met this nice guy Yoon – Sik , Roh and we had a great chat as we rode together for a time 

Few other pics from my day 

My normal pale Scottish skin colour has been taking a sun beating since April 20 th 

Korea certainly has a more refined coffee culture than Japan , with some interesting shops that know all about how to express a special coffee . My energy deficit was helped by this fancy Mocha today 

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