days 4 & 5 — Daegu and on the Namjiri 

Another 2 magnificent days of varied scenery , and now only about 90 kms to finish this ride off at Busan. 

I was rather wet and miserable as misty rain turned the last part of the ride into Daegu city into a grind. I had used to find a motel on the city edge , closest  to the cycle trail. Turned out that it was in a big area of motels. My booking was for the “Pink Motel ” – how quaint I thought. Finally found it and pushed my rig into the under building car park . Checking in was a bit odd – no big desk , but rather a small hole in a wall about 400mm square. A cheery face on the other side immediately guessed I was his foreign ”” customer. In Japan I have been used to filling out forms and letting then photocopy my passport. Here different story , no identity info. Is required at all , the key comes out and the money changes hands. Pretty cheap rooms are about 55 nz$ each. I was about ready to use the lift to my room and the manager came out of his little dungeon and gave me a bottle of red wine.

As I got out of the lift and made my way to my lovely room I could hear very distinctly the sounds of some couple somewhere making love , very loudly. 

The penny dropped – oh my God , I’ve checked into a Love Motel . I’d read about them somewhere , they are a considered good value hotels actually , but they cater for Koreans seeking discreet privacy and can be rented for various time periods.

The writing on the bathroom walls says , “the first duty of love is to listen ”

And ” Love must be fostered with soft words ” 

The room fixtures may be a bit Garish but they are well equipped rooms – lots of free toiletries that you don’t see in western hotels , cold water machine , huge flatscreen TV and a PC . 

Barb — where are you when I need you 😊😘

So many sections of the trail have required expensive over water sections like this – the cost of this project must have been immense 

Met this interesting Polish couple , Chris and Adela , who were heading the other way. They are fully loaded and today was a real tough day as we had a number of very steep sections . I had to walk a couple of them – that bad !  These guys have about 30 kgs each – I top out at 20 kgs . We swapped a few tips , they have ridden nz and Japan on this world ride epic .

More of the impressive scenery of this seemingly endless cycle trail. Getting lost is pretty easy as there are places where secondary cycle trails head off someplace else. I had to retrace about 10 km section today after crossing a bridge I should not have. The route has many hundreds of pavilions and other sun shelter areas , seems that Koreans have a real fear of sun exposure. The woman I saw working at harvesting garlic and other crops have almost total sun protection

This example was more ornate than the usual – it was towards the top of a steep climb 

Liked this early morning pic as I left Sangjuci , sort of illustrates the juxtaposition of the agricultural backbone of this agrarian culture and the modern new cities that pop out of the paddies. The buildings are all numbered , curious 😊


    • Ah – hi Kathy – yep the snake was likely killed by cycle – and today I startled a much longer snake sunning itself on the concrete – it jumped and so did I but I was moving quickly.
      The wine ?? Well I drank it as a thirst quencher after the ride , but like the old beam me up Scotty saying , ” it’s wine Scotty , but not as we know it ” — tasted like sweet cordial — maybe young Koreans like it

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