Wicked time in Japan 

Was something of a surprise for Barb , the news that we have hired a ” Wicked Camper Van ” in Tokyo. She had let me arrange ” transportation ” I promised to go wherever she wants to go . I was more than a little worried about the ” surprise ” as I feared she might baulk at the idea of a “wicked”. The Australian company has pushed the boundaries of public decency in NZ and has faced some backlash over its crude signage. Barbs thoughts on the matter is that they should all be sold to undertakers in NZ and of course She she would never be seen dead in one 😊
I got a bit of a “telling off ” but we are now on the road as we speak. I am navigating and Barb is driving. She a very good driver actually and I am happy as navigator as we make our way towards Mount Fuji , our first place to have a good look around . We will try this wicked out and see how it pans out.

Juries still out. 
The pickup was interesting, our dealing with wicked have not involved any face to face meetings with any actual human. We emailed a guy a few times and have spoken by phone with the Tokyo rep who has great English. He sent us a utube of the spot we would find the van , near a train station in Tokyo’s suburbs, UNLOCKED , keys under the mat and the message ” have a wicked time exploring Japan ” 😊  where else in the world could a rental happen like this ???
Barb says it’s easy to drive. 


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