Trains of Japan 

Japan has a facinating history of railways and in 2016 they opened this brand new museum in Kyoto with a truly impressive array of trains , interactive displays and many well preserved examples of their steam engines. The fact that they still retain arguably the best and most efficient railway system in the world it is perhaps not surprising that they have the resources for this type of preservation of important history .

Only problem is that mostly it caters for the Japanese , so hard to make full use of many features .

This is the first Shinkansen train , from the early 1960’s – could go 200 kms per hour. Clever folk — Japanese 

Barb and I missed our first Shinkansen to Hiroshima by seconds , but we need not have sweated it – the next 16 car Shinkansen for Hiroshima was only about 10 minutes wait . Incredible that in the peak times it runs up to 13 trains per hour ( each way ) 

Has a fully operational turntable and a 20 engine storage , maintainance building , each bay has a beautiful steam engine . A Mecca for railway enthusiasts for sure 

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