Training Day One – Barbs up for all this , 2000kms or more —  paddling , cycling and or walking !! 

We are on the road again , traveling with seas Kayaks , MTB’s and tramping / camping gear of all kinds. Big plans and the realization that training will be required .

Barb has ticked the box for the following challenges on a big OE trip from July onwards.

Anticipated highlights 

  • Paddle 658  Kms in Germany’s River Elbe participating in the “Elbefahrt
  • Cycle tour about 1000kms in Germany along the Danube river and other routes to be determined 
  • Cycle the 4 Rivers cycle route between the cities of Seoul and Bussan 640 Kms 
  • Walk maybe – up to 400 km on the island of Jeju ( walk called the Jeju Olle ) Training day One was a lovely paddle up the Puhoi river from our campsite at Wenderholm campgrounds. Paddled up on the rising tide and had a nice brunch at the historic Bohemium Pub. Not a long paddle but enough training for day 1 .Barb picked up some 1 dollar books at the Puhoi library , good as the tv is playing up.
  • With term one about to start , and Barb having turned down a bunch of teaching opportunities in favour of our training camps , we both chuckled at this sign outside the old trading post shop. 
  • NO regrets 


  1. Hi B and B, I know the area you are in reasonably well. Have done quite a bit of fishing in the inlet and around the island. Re O Henry—most of his books I read were short stories about the West. Always promised myself a trip end to end of the US Rockies. Will have to be next time round. Will follow your blog keenly. All the best. Oh re fourbee, my Toyota is a keeper too. Very low maintenance, and I will wear out before it does. I have joined the local road racing club again. Time to get some rised targets.

    • Great to hear from you Denis
      Back racing eh — you are irrepressible 🤔
      Will be back in AU in April for some more camping , some ” tapering ” before the main events starting July .
      Will be a big year – 2018 will be a rest year 😉

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