Barb’s birthday celebrated at Taupo — kinloch and WHAKAIPO bay 

Been on the road now for 2 weeks and we are now slowing down into some time around Lake Taupo and the central Plateau area. Had two nights in Kinloch parked up at the marina. The nice cafe style restaurant , ” The Tipsy ” was the spot for Barb’s night out . We did open a lovely bottle of champagne and shared it with some ” new friends ” we happened to meet on our MTb ride. Amazing how many ” new friends” one makes when adventuring. Great chance of finding like minded individuals out there doing it too.

The ride was spectacular and challenging for us both. I took at tumble on the way back down with a bit of bark off , but nothing too serious. Need to slow down .​

( more on Barbs birthday here.


Close to Taupo city we have stopped for a few nights at this great free camp site . Lots of room and not so busy.this is a short vid taken on Sunday morning at WHAKAIPO 

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