Thank God for booking.con

The rains fell from almost the moment we pitched our wet tent in Dömitz. As more paddlers arrived after going thru a 3 metre lock the site crowded out and the rains continued. We set up our mats and sleeping bags before heading off to a local hotel that was a little lovely haven from the dismal drizzle. Free Wifi , great food and H2o avoidance saw us spend a relaxed late afternoon / evening and some great food before we headed back to our Wet Place.  By the time we headed back the camp site was packed full to the gills and the rains still fell. Never stopped all night and some folk had water ingress inside the tent OMG 😲 😰

Still light drizzle as we packed the boat again, but we made a trip back to the hotel for coffee and some brekky and also a check of my favourite web sites , ” windguru” and

Made an executive decision , based on best forecasting , that we needed to paddle an additional 15 kms ( total 46 kms )  and get into a dry warm hotel for the night. Wise call as raincoats stayed on all day and we would be having a hell night tonight without No need to understand German made this a great option.

Weather certainly vindicated the decision – no fun erecting a completely sodden tent in rain and hoping to stay warm and dry. 

Elbehotel Bleckede 

Managed to dry some of the gear , the tent particularly , and get warm again. Tomorrow we now have to paddle only about 35 kms and rejoin the group again.think the builders plumb bob must have gone missing way back when this house was built. 

Barb and I had an interesting day paddling. We have adopted strategies for managing our pace and rest stops ” drifts ” the Elbe has km signs each km on the banks. We allow ourselves a ” drift ” every 2 kms. Just a 30 sec break. 10 km marks we often stop for a brief ” out of boat experience ” — arse break and call of nature break if needed. All working well as we use every trick in the book to make of motors cooperate 😉


  1. Wow paddling through Germany pretty exotic compared to eating red dust in the outback. Haven’t checked what Bruce is up to in a while, been busy eating red dust. When you back on oz?

    • Hi Joe , back again the the red centre 2018 but first we will cycle tour the Danube and cycle tour in Sth Korea — back in summer — but the pull of the red centre is strong — less exercise the only neg.
      How is your beautiful little girl — growing up ?

      • Yeah she’s running around like a mad woman enjoying the outdoors and getting dirty. Getting lots of attention from the other travelers, particularly those who miss their own grand children.

        Some sweet cycling you have planned. One day I need to get into some proper cycling. Saw some chaps cycling the Gibb River Road. Pretty hare core. Makes me feel bad driving my several tonne 4WD when all they got is a push bike.

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