Intermezzo in and about Oldenburg 

Have been staying with our new friends Chris and Dagmar in Oldenburg was we begin reorganise our kit for our big cycle tour on the Danube . We have had a great time in Northern Germany , and the former East German provinces that we paddled on the Elbe. 

Chris took us out to the coast to his favourite playground on the North Sea. Strong winds prevented us from paddling however we had this interesting guided mudflat walk over to the island of Baltram .

The walk over is about 4 kms or so over sticky sometimes smelly mud , but full of intertidal marine life.​ even saw this group of dogs on a big day out. 

The island of Baltram is one of a chain of small islands just off the coast , and in this very flat land they form a buffer to the coast itself . The area is called Frisia ( famous for Friesian cows )  and like its neighbour Holland it is flood prone dyke controlled land. In fact the locals hereabouts still pay a dyke tax. The tides retreat for kms and provide a chance for a big walk , then a ferry back on the higher tide.

Middle pic Chris and Barb. 

Chris is a pretty serious accomplished sea kayaker with some notable big trips on his palmarès. 

Dagmar took us on an excursion to the town of Jever , famous for its brewery and this special ancient technology of printing fabric in blue — sort of Batik type screen printing. I liked the beer 😉

Above the old palace 

Link above to some video with comments on our last days paddling the Elbe 

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