The bread available in Germany is amazing — now fully understand why the young Germans we meet in nz find that they miss their bread so much . Such a variety of styles , grains , sourdough etc etc 

Took the chance to check out the old river city of Bremen . Has a long history– about 1200 years !!

Bremen, a city state in North Germany and, together with Bremerhaven, recognized a port city, is located along the Weser river. It suffered far-reaching harm in World War II.

Nowadays, it forms a vital part of the German economy and serves as headquarters for many industries.

Many of the sights are found in old town. The market square is dominated by the luxurious façade of the Town Hall, which was erected between 1405 and 1410 in Gothic style. However, the façade was built two centuries later (1609–1612) in Renaissance style.

Fascinating old town walk 

Locals pass by and fondle the breasts of this interesting bronze sculpture , ensuring the vibrant colour . Naturally when in Rome —–

Really great coffee – has been a challenge in rural Germany — this was pretty good 


  1. So you found the Bremer Stadtmusikanten (the scultpture of the animals doing ‘piggyback’), did you touch it for luck?
    If not, don’t worry. I suppose those boobs would have done the same thing.

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