Cycling the Danube cycleway 

Tonight we are about 136 kms into our cycle tour , staying at a lovely very old town called Riedlingen. We camped the last 2 nights but a rainy evening has seen us find a nice apartment in the old town .

After a massive 10 hour Flix Bus ride from nth Germany in Oldenburg we arrived at Karlsruhe and a hotel close to the train station. This pic was the first day , but we had a 3 hour train ride to Donaueschingen, the nominal start point for this interesting river that flows on thru multiple countries till it reaches the Black Sea 


The small town of Giesingen had some interesting bronze sculptures , commemorating the senseless loss of life during WW1. She looks like the pertually grieving mother for boys who never returned . Moving .

We purchased a second tent , a cheapy at 35€ , and we are able to put all our gear in it overnight. What with 3 cookers , 2 pots and a frypan , and lots of other clutter we need the space ! So far camping has been fine , with other cycle tourists to yarn with, and we have even had some nice sunny weather ( stopped now — raining again 😳

Some amazing scenery over this first leg of the Danube , as the river moves thru some interesting limestone country. Very beautiful scenery , and many other cycle tourists and German Ma & Pa combinations just out there cycling together . Lots of electric bikes on the trail. The neat firewood collections remind me of Ueli , from Kerikeri 

Barb has been enjoying the cycling and handling the pace really well. Even heard to say that she has been surprised that , ” my bum isn’t sore at all ” — she is just fine and smiling and laughing as per usual 

Camped at Sigmaringen– this beautiful old town. Arrived in time to find the bike shop for a repair to Barbs bike. She was stuck in  riding a hard gear for the last 20 kms of our 55 km day. Was a bit hilly too. The campsite was only a 5 min walk to the centre of this amazing village 

Rain in Riedlingen so we found a nice apartment for hire in this old building . Very cool 

Rained all night but has stopped now and we are on the road soon . These few pics give an idea of the buildings in this fantastic old town. Really amazing even on this cloudy morning 

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