Gumisi. — interesting ride and now about 400 km from Seoul 

We needed to make about 85 kms today to get to a larger city , where it is possible to easily find suitable accomodation . 

Was very varied scenery , still conditions with morning mist the eventually burned off to a very hot day . We passed a bunch of these pagoda type shelters all right next to the trail , great spots for a break from the sun 

This spot was later in the ride and both Rose and Barb were feeling the heat . We also had a really tough ( 4 f’s ) basically unridable section , so steep that even pushing the loaded tourers up was a difficult challenge . We were all pretty tired by days end.

Our lunch stop was pretty amazing , we found a bunch of riverside restarants doing a busy Sunday trade with people arriving in cars and buses. Picked this random spot with a big Daffy Duck outside and found ourselves in this DIY BBQ DUCK eatery. We managed to con Carl n Rose to help with the cooking of the duck — was better than it looked as loads of vegetables eventually arrived at the table enabling all to enjoy a fantastic lunch in a very busy spot. We had many Koreans helping .

Photo on top was with some Korean cyclists who had some great camera gear. Always very friendly and encouring , 

The trail went thru some kind of theme park attraction , not sure what is was , but it did have some pretty interesting wood sculptures . All n all a day with a lot to see.

The bridges continue to amaze .

Our hotel at days end . Very nice and so so cheap . Cost about 40 nz dollars per room and very comfortable . 

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