A rest day then on to the city of Gyeongsang 

Suanbo was a nice place for some R&R. We all took advantage of the Korean Sauna , bit like a Japanese Onsen , ie segregated but not for normal English type ( prudish ) Anglos who have any hangups about their bodies or being naked with other members of your own sex.It was a first time experience for both Carl and Rose and they both enjoyed the experience very much. I think the bathing culture here , both in Japan and Korea , is far superior to what our culture offers. A better way. 

The nights in Suanbo are  spectacular with lights all over the town 

Was a shorter ride today but a tough one. Had the biggest climb of the whole trip with a final 5 km climb up the side of a mountain to just over 400 metres. The rice fields have a beautiful yellow hue , maybe nearly ready for harvest perhaps . Rose and Barb were both a little anxious after all the talk about today’s climb but they handled them all very well . 

Note the incredible tall pillar like columns of this typical overhead Korean freeway . 

Finally stopped in the late arvo arriving at this nice cafe , time to rehydrate and open devices to try to find beds for the night. 

Close to the centre of the city we arrived at another typical Korean ” love hotel ” — MOTEL C . and secured our bikes in the under building  car park . At 50,000 won — approx $60 NZ DOLLAR — they are a great deal — ok the art maybe a little OTT 😉

This trip has been very much a culinary experience , so many new and unexpected tastes . Carl and Rose have generally been very happy with dishes that have loads of vegetables , and they are half the price of the dishes that have meat . As usual with Korean restaurants you get lots of little side dishes of delicious pickled vege and other unknown food . A true culinary adventure 

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