Queen Charlotte. Last day to Anakiwa


Dusk view from our hotel at Portage

Was a nice break from tenting on day 1 and 2 and our tired bods liked the relative luxury of a nice bed , a warm shower and a really great restaurant meal before we crashed into deep sleep.

Dawn arrived too quickly and we made an early departure to be again on the track before 8 am. It began with an unrelenting climb , finally topping at 407 meters ( the highest point )

the track follows a knife ridge so to the right you can see queen Charlotte sound and to the left Kenepuru Sound.

Both of us had some little pains to deal with , but we noticed that this was a general thing with other walkers. By the trips end it seemed that almost everyone had some little niggle . Horrendous blisters being a common complaint. The stunning ridge top views helped mitigate the pain for many.

the views were simply stunning as we pushed on over the final 21 km day . The track finally drops down to sea level and with only 4 kms to go we stopped for a swim at Davies Bay. The trip back to Picton was via the Cougar line and departs a 4pm.

We arrived back at Picton both a little weary but very happy with the experience.

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