First day blues

Set off from Mount Isa , Top pic is the chimney from the lead smelter right close to the town . The day warmed up quickly as I settled into the ride and I started to work my Way thru the water. As the day progressed the water become distinctly tepid , odd.

When I look back , the first day of a big ride often proves challenging and this was to be no exception. Started to feel somewhat unwell in the early afternoon and had to stop and have a lie down under some scant shade. After a couple of hours I started again but was only able to ride a further hour before admitting that I had simply had to stop and camp. After another lie down I finally managed to summons the energy to set up camp and thankfully the awful nausea subsided .

Dusk in Australia desert rarely fails to impress. Less impressive are the flies , they are such a bother and I am very thankful that I had the forethought to have packed a face net . If you camp you need to do arrive as late as is possible as the flies are the worst I’ve experienced in OZ.

Had a short ride this morning to Dajarra , a small town with Telstra , food and a bed.

Enough for now


BREAKFAST 2 eggs bacon , tomatoes,mushrooms

L avo whole , nuts , Bolton’s

Dinner 3 eggs , bacon

breakfast mushrooms in olive oil 2 eggs


  1. Hope you are feeling better. Make sure you are eating well with all that exercise. Take care. Look forward to seeing more of your photos

  2. Hope you are feeling better for day 2 of this next big challenge. Keep cool, drink loads of water, and energy foods. What is the temperature like? Take dare. John

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