Day one — Dubbo to Trangie

Always a good idea to settle into a big ride with a couple of manageable days , distance and effort wise , to get the body and bum into the swing of things. Today I only needed to make about 75 km to the cotton gin town of Trangie . An added bonus was passing thru the town of Narromine after about 35 km so a chance for a coffee. This won’t happen often on this ride as there is normally nothing between my destinations service wise .

The cool one degree c start to the day saw me well dressed with thermal protection for the head and legs . Temps got as high as about 11 c in sunny conditions . It was a FAST ride . Normally on tour I expect to get a rolling average of about 20 km per hour .

The ride time was a mere 2hours 41 mins. Time to enjoy a relax in the sunny afternoon and wash a few clothes . Fantastic cabin , upgraded me to an en-suite cabin because he likes cyclists 🚴‍♀️ , or was it just pity . This all for only $40

This data summary shows that I was ripping along at nearly 28 km per hour average . Not bad , a testament to the way a power assist bike delivers the goods . Given that the total weight of the bike and the bags is something just over 70 kgs I have to be very happy . With outback touring – speed gives you one very significant bonus . The bloody flies can’t keep up so as long as you don’t stop they are not bothering you at all.

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