This rig is super Fast — 92 km to Nyngan — home of Bogan

Had a leisurely start to the day , waiting for the temperatures to lift just a little. Hit the road by 9:30 am and with perfect conditions , flat roads and a hint of a tail breeze even though only zephyr strength. This rig , all 75 kgs plus me at 75 kgs — 150 kgs starts to fly despite all the weight . Betsy simply flies !

Exactly one hour 29 seconds later I pulled into a tiny settlement that had a coffee machine . I was surprised at my flying hour — undoubtably the fastest hour I’ve ever managed on a fully loaded touring bike . Fact is that most local club rides in Kerikeri on light weight racing bikes don’t do this sort of SPEED . In reality it underlines just why I’m so very fond of this Giant bike . In my bike harem she has assumed the role of “most favoured”

The data speaks for itself if you have ever ridden bikes. The balance of the ride was also quick as at the end ( 92 km ) the average was still 32 km per hour .

This is cotton country and often it can be seen on the road verge , blown off from harvest transports . Trangie has a Cotton Gin ( derivation Gin is engine ) and these trucks are taking the compressed cotton from the Gin to places unknown.

Plenty of cotton wool to mop up any blood if one of these monsters hits me 😉

Day finished in this nice little town on the Bogan river . The expression Bogan and it’s doubtful disrespectful use , apparently only surfaced in the 1980’s due to some tv programme or other . Nyngan has been on the Bogan though for ever . The town has some notoriety due to the huge flood that completely wrecked the town in April 1990

Couldn’t resist the souvenir– a Bogan singlet, a one piece garment that may go well with my Borat mankini 😉

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