BYROCK — Mulga Creek Hotel , 125 km up the road

So called by its association with an aboriginal rock hole -the settlement was close by the rockhole so called Byrock . Not very imaginative these Aussies .

Was a harder day today , maybe a little tired as sleep was disrupted by a very feral Bogan in the next door cabin who had his TV or radio on ALL NIGHT . NO idea what or why but he looked kinda sick. Very frustrating .

Some headwind experienced today which knocked the average speed down a little ,but good steady speed nevertheless.

Was pleased to finally arrive at Byrock and get my tiny little cabin sorted . Very basic but all I need for the basics of life , shower , toilet and power points .

Had a nice meal at the hotel . I spoke to the lady owner and asked her about the menu explaining that I am rather fond of meat .

” go for the rump steak Darl , they’re BIG ”

No chips please , just vege , despite my intention to only eat the meat . All worked out well .


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