Throwing a spoke in the wheel – Wyandra conundrum

Left Cunnamulla at 8 am and with a gentle tail wind began cycling North through fairly wet country . Recent rains have still left ponding in low lying spots.

The ride was only 100 km so I was hoping for a short day with lots of relaxation in the afternoon. AT about the 80 km mark the ping of my second broken rear spoke rang clear ,

Oh bugger , my worst fears are being realised. This is the 2 Nd broken spoke and a clear indication that this wheel is sub standard , in need of replacement or at the very least , specialised rebuilding by an expert wheelsmith.

I am carrying the tools and some spare spokes , so went about the repair work methodically and carefully , despite the chronic flies and less than pristine work conditions in the gritty environs . Took a while to replace , then re- true the wheel before completing last 20 kms into Wyandra . Riding on tenterhooks now as I know that more breakages are almost certain now.

This problem will take some solving

( pic from Cunnamulla as I left this am )

CUNNAMULLA FELLA – immortalised in the Slim Dusty song

Well I’m a scrubber runner and a breaker too,

I live on damper and Wallaby stew,

I’ve got a big cattle dog with a staghounds cross ,

I never saw a scrubber he couldn’t toss,

Cause I’m the fella from Cunnamulla,

Yes I’m the Cunnamulla fella

Was given a free ride in the buggy to see ” The Beach ” and other local attractions in this small town boasting a population of 25 permanent residents .


  1. Second spoke in a week is not good.. Are they over tight? Thank goodness you had spares.. Can’t believe there are so many flies in the outback😊
    Keep safe.. Blog is great.. Cheers jeff

    • Thanks Jeff – great getting feedback 😉 the wheel is not great quality , likely robotic build , and clearly not strong enough . Having to review my options

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