Charleville – town with some problems

Left Wyandra at a leisurely 9 30 ish without Bob ( my trailer ) My assessment of my broken spokes is fairly simple . This wheel is not up to the job of handling Bob swinging off the hub like some manic monkey and my immediate solution is to not tow Bob till I get the wheel sorted. The circus however must go on and with a gentle tail wind , fine sunny day and a long straight road ahead I pushed off.

The owner Glen , a rough diamond but a good sort , cooked me dinner last night and it was my first serious foray back into carboholic territory ( Hoki and French fries ) Nothing too special and he , unasked , did me a favour by not giving me any other vegetables .

Glen has just repurchased this businesses back yesterday ,after a break of three years . He’s keen to get it back into an attraction that will see the RV CARAVANNERS stop .

not much to stop for in this dry country , but did see this curious bit of recent outback history . The largest explosion in Aussy transport history happened here in 2014 and by chance destroyed an historic rail bridge in the event .


Arrived in Charleville after a super quick ride with an average of 32 km per hour Over about 3 hours

It’s a sizeable town , great well stocked IGA but the towns in a spot of bother . The recent droughts have shrunk the rural farming sector and the money flow that keeps the shops in business has dried up. Many shops have gone out of business and the place seems dead .

A few pics town and around

My Hotel

Was reunited with Bob by a Wyandra local who kindly bought it up to Charleville . Tomorrow’s problem


  1. Hi Bruce, where are you carrying the spare batteries? In the sack on Bob? If yes try moving the batteries to the front pannier to lighten bobs rear wheel load. I know it will load your front wheel by 10kg but it may help reduce rear wheel load significantly. Just a thought. Cheers jeff

    • Having a day in Charleville to sort out everything — going to keep on going without the trailer , batteries will be in panniers now . Still hoping to get a new wheel shipped up from Brisbane — work in progress . Will also give the wheel a good inspection and true it up again . Ran 100 km yesterday and not breakages – some kind soul took the trailer for me .

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