Following BOB

Decided to call a halt and get this wheel problem under control . First call was to strip down BOB ( trailer ) and sort out gear and send all this equipment up the road , a loooonnng way up the road to THE ISA . Queensland Bus provides this service and the helpful guy here in Charleville got it all sorted . BOB will be moving tonight . So my camping kit has departed meaning I need to stay in cabins/motels/hotels .

Call 2 was to contact a shop in Brisbane called Epic Cycles . They understand cycle touring and do cater to this small segment of the cycle market . They are able to supply a strong 40 spoke wheel that will be indestructible, but it will need to be hand built, and quickly.

Very helpful manager , John , is sorting everything and I should have this new wheel arriving another 500 kms up the road at Longreach .

The big question, uncertainty, is will my sick wheel let me run this 500 kms over the rest of the week to get to Longreach .

A further inspection and I found my third broken spoke – so one spoke for every 100 km over the last 3 days . Was grateful to be in a nice room with a place to wash oily hands etc and away from the rampant flies. Took a while as the cassette and disc both needed stripping before I could fit the new spoke .

Fingers crossed tomorrow .

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