Augathella – short fast ride

Lovely day on the bike with only 84 km to cover to the next town , Augathella. Conditions remain crisp and clear . This enhances visibility as this dry clear climate is absolutely haze free. Great for photography. Was another very fast ride .

With breaking one spoke over each of the last 3 riding days I was a little apprehensive that I was going to have to do another roadside repair but lucked in and the wheel survived today AOK.

Un- fenced country but with the long drought I have not seen any stock .

Always happy to see a town with a butcher

Arriving early I decided to check out the pub to get a coffee . The proprietor met my eye and gave a laconic comment which hid his feeling on the matter ,

“ We don’t get much Lycra in here “

I replied , “ fact is I haven’t seen even one other cycle tourist from Dubbo to here “

He seemed satisfied with that .

They do however benefit from the huge volume of baby boomer caravanners who roll thru every day in this season when Aussies retreat from the cold and damp to “ go outback “ . They keep these towns going.

5th wheelers are common as rocking horse shit , but caravans are thicker than flies on a dead dingos donga. Touring cyclists seem non existent.

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