Tambo 116 km flying

Another fast day’s ride with nice tail wind . Such a contrast to last years epic push south thru the Birdsville track head butting southerly winds day after day . I have a longish weather window of winds pushing me inexorably northwards . Can’t complain .

The country has now changed , less bush and more open Savannah with expansive massive horizons. This pano on a strait road.

Had another broken spoke after about 80 km , annoying as everything needs unloading and the wheel needs stripping , off comes the cassette and often the disc too. I must be getting more practised as the fitting of the new spoke didn’t take too long. Only 300 odd more km to get to Longreach where I hope my new wheel will arrive. Fingers crossed touch wood .

Tambo is a quiet little town , with quaint old buildings , some nice cafes and a woman with this obsession for creating wooden horse sculptures.

Teddy bear Shop


My type of town as it again had a butcher . The Furphy pic above is a type of container used during world war 1 to bring water up to the troops . The expression to tell a ” Furphy ” was related to the fact that news , gossip etc travelled with the Furphy cart drivers . Some of the news was not true – hence the derogatory expression.

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