Blackall 100 km super fast ride

Day dawned chilly but perfectly clear . I waited till 9 am when temperatures were starting to lift a little from the 4 c start to the day . With another gentle but persistent tail wind I quickly warmed to the task and we were soon right up on about 40 km per hour.

Was a great day on the bike , albeit a short day , arriving about midday . The actual ride time under three hours and a fantastic average speed of 35.89 km.

First stop on arriving was to check out the Butcher . I’ve been cooking most meals – have an essential piece of equipment , a great non stick frypan with detachable handle. Been very useful .

My pink hotel for tonight
An ancient petrified stump but it didn’t scare me


Blackall has been caught up in the recent drought too , so farmers have been doing it tough.

Is famous for the expression ” Black stump ” an historic surveying triangulation marker reference point used in early mapping of this area.

The Artist a man


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