Longreach — the home of Qantas

Was another fast day into Longreach , 107 km and the bonus of a coffee stop at the 80 km mark at an interesting little town of IIfracombe. Not used to finding any civilisation between destinations. Great coffee.

With only a further 27 km to Longreach it was a bit of a doodle.

Reaching the last couple of km you can see the distinctive tall rear tail of a qantas plane at the airport . Turns out that this is actually a gifted , by Qantas , an asset for a museum about qantas at the birthplace of this now famous airline. It landed here in 2002 , retired after something like 18,000 cycle ( landings & takeoffs) I’m guessing that Barbs uncle George would have been one of the pilots who flew this plane , a much loved by pilots jet .

After finding my digs I walked into town to AU post where awaiting we’re several packages including my new replacement wheel . Spent an hour or 2 sorting this out including fitting a new rear tyre. Unfortunately the new wheel was not supplied to the agreed spec. And this means that It can’t used to tow BOB when I get up to The ISA.

No easy solutions apart from waiting about 5 days till they build and supply another wheel. A bit frustrating as I will now finish this ride off at The ISA. On the brighter side I’ll be back with Barb ( and Henrietta) sooner 😉 and other adventures.

Fitting new wheel , a strong 40 spoke tandem style hub

The wheel is fitted and tested and I am confident that it will do the immediate job of getting me safely to The Isa.

Spent time today looking at the Qantas Museum

Old faithful DC3
Super Constellation ( Mid 1950’s)
707 sister ship to John Travolta’s bird

On the 747. 200 series


  1. Hi Bruce, curious to know why the new wheel can’t handle Bob? It looks like a tough one from the photo.. What did thry miss?

    • The spec was for the traditional skewer type axle for the longer BOB skewer replaces the factory Skewer . The Victoria based wheel builder thought he knew better , made an incorrect compatibility call . He used a particularly robust hub – common on tandems but downside was it has a 10 mm odd ball thru axle . Super strong 💪

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