180 kms to Winton – fueling the machine.

Today’s ride was the longest ride on this trip at 180 km but as chance would have it the weather God was being particularly kind. Steady tail winds were forecast and duly delivered.

Thomson River —- leaving Longreach

Had an early start preparing for my day with a nice feed of bacon and eggs cooked by myself . One of my most important bits of kit has been my great non stick frypan with removable handle ( Hunting & fishing shop) With the longer day I also had a little lunch packed, a can of sardines and some fatty Salami

Being Fat Adapted

This tour has been something of a dietary experiment, sort of proof of concept as I test out my theories on diet . I have transitioned into being on a diet very high in animal based food and have been keeping carbohydrate content as low as possible. Essentially my energy demands are met with metabolism of dietary fats mostly from meat and also from my own tank , ie body fat . The adaptation of being “ fat adapted “ allows one to seamlessly draw energy from either source and because fat and protein are so satiating the sensation of hunger is totally absent . Despite the long day on the bike my energy levels remain very stable and I finish the ride feeling as if I still have abundant energy reserves. I don’t normally eat during the ride but today I did take a little lunch , a nice can of sardines in olive oil and some salami . I don’t think it helped or hindered but was a nice break off the saddle .

Here is my summary of today’s tucker

A few pics from Winton

Yes it’s the Dinosaur Capital of AU
For the first time since leaving Dubbo , hills on the horizon

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